LiliaChess requires Windows 7 (or later) and Java Runtime Environment  v. 1.5 (or later).

(Presumably obsolete)  Here is a  utility  to check if you need to install JRE.

(Presumably obsolete)  Here is a  JRE installer  (16Mb, administrator privileges required). 


Current LiliaChess version:    LiliaChess  11-nov-2021

This is not available through a windows installer.  It relies on the java web start technology.  No significant software upgrade (over except for dynamic display of dragged pieces on human player's moves.


How to use?

First of all, on Windows, go to Start - Java - Config - Security - SiteList, and add ""

Use Chrome or Firefox to click the above link for a first run (on Firefox you may have to go to Settings General Apps and associate JavaWebStart to jnlp).

Go back to Windows, Start - Java - Config - General - TempFile - View, select the player and create a desktop icon.


Old version  22-aug-2015  (Windows Installer with InnoSetup):

LiliaChess     (4.5 Mb)

Very old version  (DEPRECATED, engines are taken from a fixed folder "engine_collection", they are not configurable from the GUI, etc.):

Liliachess with 9 engines

Liliachess with four engines


To run the installer based on Inno Setup 5,  just press Next to advance from page to page.  You can change the destination folder.  

You will find a LiliaChess icon on your desktop, in addition to a LiliaChess entry in your Start - Programs menu. 



You may also download my sudoku  (Windows installer, old version).

or you may try my Interactive Sudoku  (java web start, newer version).